SueDa Joy, promoter of ECIPS music festival has finally broken her silence in regards to the tragedy that took place in New York city last month.

During a candid interview, Sue began by explaining the various difficulties she faced while trying to bring her dream event to life, such as insurance issues with headliner Akon, meeting the financial demands of Alkaline, Remy Ma, misunderstanding with Elephant Man and the unexplained absence of De La Ghetto.

Sue expressed how deeply disappointed she was with the actions of Alkaline of all the headliners and he was allegedly paid in 75,000USD full.

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“… I should’ve made an executive decision and cut Freddie Jackson, as i believe nobody really wanted to see him. I had to make sure my headline is happy and he’ll reciprocate the feeling to the patrons.” she said.

According to joy, Alkaline was reportedly paid a sum of 45,000USD as a security deposit in July, then 3 days prior to the event they were contacted on how they wanted the remaining funds.

An evidently irate joy stated that Alkaline needs to “.. do right with the fans” and collaborate with her on hosting a free event for the fans else she’ll be forced to put an injunction on his American earnings, as well as take legal action against the Vendetta deejay.

Sue says Alkaline’s international career will be tarnished sooner or later due to poor management.