Busy signal continues to showcase his international appeal by spreading Dancehall to the four corners of the world.

The “Bumaye” deejay is certainly clocking up his air miles as he recently touched down in Israel for his performance at the Hangar 09 Nightclub in Emek Hefer.

The versatile lyricist announced the move to fans by posting two photos to Instagram and Facebook, showing him waiting to board an Emirates flight at the airport.

“Israel let’s turn it UP!” the deejay captioned that post. There were well-wishers all over the deejay’s social platforms with many fans reminding him to keep safe while others implored him to visit their country soon.

“Guidance. Signal needed all over the world to communicate,” one fan wrote on the deejay’s post, while several others celebrated his safe landing after he announced it saying “Safe. Give Jah thanks!”

Busy signal is of course not the first Dancehall artist to perform in the Holy land, as fellow Jamaican Spice was one of the first to bring the genre there in 2016.

The female deejay expressed amazement about the reception she received, claiming the Israelis knew her songs word for word.

Busy Signal’s performance in Israel is a part of his 25-date Volcanic Tour which began in France in July and spans Sweden, Italy, Spain, Germany, Amsterdam and Egypt and other places.