Dancehall artist Danielle D.I is back on social media after being a laughing stock over the weekend.

The ‘Rebel’ singer has been having a rough few weeks which saw her dealing with her ailing mother who was on life support, taking vicious jabs from Ishawna and Ricardo Fuller’s bombshell.

While not directly addressing her ongoing feud with the “Equal Rights” singer or the former Stoke City Striker’s statement, D.I announced that she’ll be releasing a new single titled “Nothing On Me”.

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According to sources close to the singer, D.I will be setting the record straight on a slew of topics once and for all in the forthcoming track.

“She [Danielle D.I] knows what is being said online don’t worry, all will be dealt with shortly,” sources told The Tropixs. When questioned about the delay in her releases, the source added that the singer is very busy. “Come on now! we all know she’s a businesswoman, do you think she has time to sit down and record a song as something happens? leave it to time man….. who laugh last, laugh the best.”