Foota Hype’s legal team has their work cut out for them as he’s now looking to file a lawsuit against ‘Nightly Fix’ following news of Rohan ‘Quite’ Perry’s pending defamation case.

The controversial social media personality says on Monday the hosts of the popular radio program reported that he accused the Jamaican comedian of the murdering late fashion designer and stylist Dexter ‘3D’ Pottinger.

Quite Perry Hires Lawyer After Foota Hype’s Statement

According to Foota Hype the talk show is spreading false information about him as his statements regarding Perry never once implicated the comedian and that’s grounds for a lawsuit.

“What I said is something that I saw. Him [Quite Perry] and Dexter a di last two people me see roun dem one aneda when me go Carib,” Foota said on Instagram live. “That’s not a lie, that’s a fact. You cannot sue people on a fact. But if dem nuh remove da video deh off a dem site, me ago take serious action against them because dem tell multiple lie pan me. Dem say a whole heap a things weh me never say and weh me never do.”