Kasi made sure to announce her boo Usain Bolt’s birthday in BIG way.

Usain Bolt was recently treated to a huge surprise as his long term partner Kasi Bennett went all out to ensure her man felt very special for his 33rd birthday.

The Olympic sprint legend took to Instagram last Wednesday to show off off the two massive digital billboards his girlfriend had placed wishing him a happy birthday.

“See when yuh girlfriend extra…. why yuh stay suh? that’s just how you are?” the sprinter could be heard saying in the video clip to his boo.

The move clearly left some fans feeling some type of way, as many took to social media expressing that the gift was a bit out of their league.

“A probably ur owna money she use buy it. Stay deh….if u never name Usain a some ol white ol man uptown she woulda date,” one fan wrote, while another jested “This post too rich for me😧.”

It was not all negative comments though as many praised the move, claiming women should do more to make their significant others feel special too.

Listen ppl no negative comments..Leave the ppl dem business alone who cares whose money thats irrelevant, important thing she did something for her man ..be happy for them wish dem well that’s all ..well done enjoy your lives and continue living blessings be with you both” one fan wrote.