Khago is supporting Ishawna ‘Equal Rights’ movement with the release of his new single ‘Sidung Inna Mi Place.’

The suggestive track was released on Friday, May 26 and sees the ‘Nah Sell Out’ deejay hinting that he enjoys performing oral sex, repeatedly telling ladies to ‘sit in his place,’ ‘give him a taste,’ and ‘come in his place.’

“Come sidung inna mi place / gal sidung inna mi place and mi nuh wan yuh fi leave next time when yuh cum inna my place,” Khago sings in the LCG Music and Guchydon-produced single. “Gal yuh see deh couch deh? a my own yuh betta bubble up inna mi place / and the kingsize bed mi seh when yuh a wine up inna mi place.”

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“Shift yuh foot unda the table / gal pop the champagne gimmi a taste / and addi best time mi eva have / gal when yuh come inna mi place,” he added.

The single comes days after Ishawna released her new raunchy single “Equal Rights.” The former Downsound Records artist performed the track in Portland earlier this week after being warned by Bounty Killer.