Shawn Storm is gunning for former Portmore Empire member Popcaan in his new diss track ‘No Frauds.’

In the single released on Friday, June 9, Siva claims the ‘Unruly Boss’ snitched on him and his former mentor Vybz Kartel labelling the ‘Stray Dog’ deejay as an informer.

“Some boy nuh real dem a informa sell out Shawn Storm and Missa Palmer / dats why mi nuh par pan any corna / violate gun shot mi send it unda / dem boy deh nuh rate the link who set the link fi dem get the link / mi a bad man send the cash ova / him fake like Tanto chain wash ova,” Shawn storm deejays.

“…Seh Gaza from mi a wear nappy, new name fi informa.. Poppy! dem boy deh a some groupie, druppy.. get the Vybz rum and doah dilute it.”

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“…Him have police number pan speed dial doah trus dem gi him vial / him sell out the crocs and run weh & the case deven reach trial,” he added.

Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm were convicted for the 2011 murder of affiliate Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams. The ‘Fever’ deejay is serving life and won’t be eligible for parole after 35 years. The sentencing came after a 65-day trial, the longest in Jamaica’s history.

The two along with co-accused Kahira Jones and Andre St John are set to appeal the ruling on February 19, 2018.