Spice and her team of dancers are now counting their lucky stars after narrowly escaping being trampled by anxious fans in London.

The “Cool It” deejay, and her team of dancers narrowly escaped serious injury over the weekend after her performance at the Notting Hill carnival in London.

On Sunday the “Dancehall Queen” took to Instagram to show footage of her and her dancers almost getting trampled by hundreds of overzealous fans who pushed down gates to overcrowd the venue.

“Even tho I was mad laughing at this present moment simple because I really take bad things for Joke . Also this is before I realized that my performance would’ve been cut short🤬 . I’m still posting this video so my fans who’s complaining can see back stage happenings that I couldn’t even enter the venue,” Spice explained.

“The place was blocked and I was stuck outside for 2 hours when we finally made it back stage fans rushed and busted the venue back gate open. Authorities said the venue capacity was too full hence why you only saw me for 10 minutes I’m sooooo sorry #Nottinghillcarnival I’ll be back in the Uk soon @redbulluk We need to find a way to please my fans that came to see me 😭 (BY THE WAY IF YOU NOTICE MY ENTIRE TEAM GOT TRAMPLED and TC nearly dead 😂😭.”

Despite the serious nature of the incident, some fans still saw the positives of the situation, with many taking to social media to highlight the entertainer’s enormous popularity.


Spice’s short performance capped off her visit to the UK where she also created history after becoming the first Jamaican artiste to appear on Good Morning Britain.