It seems Squash is taking yet another shot at Alkaline in his latest single.

According to fans the “6ix Boss” has responded to Alkaline yet again in another gritty track titled “Slow Poison,” following the vendetta deejay’s recent lyrical jabs at the 6ix crew.

The song, which is featured on fellow Montego Bay-based artiste Teejay’s debut production, the “Top Braff” riddim, was teased earlier this on the deejay’s VEVO.

Since its preview, several fans have claimed that the track is yet another direct reply to Alkaline’s “Depend Pan Nobody,” which took aim at the “Trending” deejay and fellow 6ix member Chronic Law.

“From dem call up mi name – well that personal / Funeral day man shoot up the hearse enuh / Sunday morning mi go siddung ina church enuh / Mummy seh mi curse enuh,” the deejay spits on the track.

The track is the second alleged response from the “6ix Boss” in just a few days after he seemingly took aim at the “Formula” deejay with another track “Bull Dog.”

Prior to its release, the deejay also took to Instagram just days ago apparently sending out a warning to the vendetta deejay saying he would not be entertaining the deejay’s desperate attempts to resurrect his floundering career.

Listen track below.