Squash has responded to Alkaline’s recent lyrical jabs with a gritty new track titled “Bull Dog.”

The “6ix Boss” has wasted no time in issuing a lyrical warning to the vendetta deejay despite earlier claiming he would not entertain a rivalry with Alkaline.

Earlier this week Alkaline sent tongues wagging after he dropped a new single “Depend Pan Nobody,” which allegedly took jabs at 6ix members Squash and Chronic Law.

In the track Alkaline poked ridicule at the two 6ix artist’s “Boss” monikers as well as supposedly ridiculing their weight, claiming they would be better off trying cross fit than trying to run Dancehall.

Squash has wasted no time in replying to the “Formula” deejay as he dropped the gritty new single which addresses the reason for Alkaline’s envy.

In the track, the “6ix Boss” implies that Alkaline is simply envious of their rise and subsequent dominance over the Dancehall industry since he took a notable hiatus.

“Dem run weh lef dem place an come back it change up / We got the carbon 15 clip dem tape up / Dem deh p—y deh fi shub up and get him face buss / Dem a gwan like dem a di best, you a dream so wake up,” the deejay spits.

This is not the first time the Montego Bay based deejay has hit back at Alkaline, as he also took to Instagram earlier this week to address the diss track.

Several fans have since taken to social media expressing eager anticipation for a lyrical showdown between the two, possibly becoming the next big rivalry within the Dancehall space.