Gothic Dancehall artist Tommy Lee Sparta is once again being trolled by Alkaline fans following his recent post on Instagram.

The ’40 Ball’ deejay uploaded a video on his Instagram live over the weekend while enjoying his day with Sean Kingston on a boat in Ocho Rios.

However Sparta became a laughing stock when Alkaline fans discovered the Vendetta deejay’s smash hit single ‘Pretty Girl Team’ was playing in the background.

Tommy Lee Sparta Accused Of Stealing Female’s Lyrics To Diss Alkaline

“Tell unu seh the bwoy [Tommy Lee Sparta] is an undercover fan from long time,” one Alkaline fan quickly pointed out. “LOL him need fi admit it seh him love the boss chune dem yo see a it him a listen,” another added.

The video comes days after Alkaline fans uploaded a screenshot which showed Tommy Lee Sparta liking a post on the ‘Badness It Name’ deejay’s Instagram account.

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